TARGET - 2017 Holiday

Fresh off the back of our epic Back To School spots, our pals at Deutsch invited us back to score Target's 2017 holiday campaign. To execute this delightful orchestral re-interpretation of the Bing Crosby 1954 classic "No Place Like Home For The Holidays", Mopho slugger Roberto Murguia meticulously scored the collection of 10 spots, to help America usher in this time of peace, happiness and consumer activity known as The Holidays.


Tale of a lost toy reunited with its owner -- beautifully told by Smuggler's Mark Malloy, Work Editorial's Stewart Reeves and the animation team at  ALT VFX -- presented our songwriters with a delicious opportunity to write some sweet and heartfelt songs of lost love. Being a prolific Tile user, and one-time panda toy owner, ECD Steph Altman had an extra dimension of empathy with the panda, so he wrote this cracking song to really bring on the feels.

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

We re-made "I Dreamed A Dream", for a promotional video for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. We cast unique singers to be the voices of the animals : Ryan Merchant from Capital Cities, Natalie Bergman from Wild Belle, Keenan O'Meara and a tear-jerking debut for 7 year-old Tal Altman. The animation proved to be jaw-dropping and our involvement we won us a gold Cannes Lion for our efforts.