gmc - Orchestra

Having marked The Who's 50th anniversary with 15 official remixes for publisher Spirit Music, we were approached by Leo Burnett/Digitas to create a full orchestral re-interpretation of The Who's 1982 hit "Eminence Front". We wrote, orchestrated and recorded a 40-piece orchestra in LA, and then flew to New York to supervise the filming of a separate orchestra in NY...  who mimed to our LA recording.


Movemeant Foundation, created by Soul Cycle's Jenny Gaither, encourages body positivity and self confidence among women and girls. We worked with Heist director Kim Jacobs to find the perfect track for their #ownyourbellyjelly campaign. We homed in, and helped clear Elliphant’s “Revolusion”, a track that captures that intensity, strength, and grit we were looking for to tell the story and get ladies fired up. 

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

A remake of the Les Miserables classic "I Dreamed A Dream", highlighting the plight of endangered creatures suffering at the hands of cruel mankind. To break from the well-known versions of the song, we we want to avoid theatricality. For each animal we cast unique voices : Ryan Merchant from Capital Cities, Natalie Bergman from Wild Belle, Keenan O'Meara and a tear-jerking debut for 7 year old Tal Altman.