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Joey Ryan had just graduated from Berkeley and was poised to attend graduate school to study neuroscience when he abruptly announced to his family that he wanted to pursue a career in music instead. Unwavering in his vision for his future, Joey explains: “I realized that the truths I was interested in discovering through science were actually more accessible through music.”

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homegrown. Joey Ryan.

Kenter Canyon EP
Kenter Canyon EP

Kenter Canyon kicks off with singer Sara Bareilles joining Ryan on the Josh Ritter-esque "Broken Headlights". Bareilles isn't the only guest musician who contributes. Gillian Welch's long-time partner Dave Rawlings pitches in on "Queen Jane", a track unsurprisingly built on a solid roots foundation, but given an ornate dressing in the arrangement. Z Berg (The Like) provides backing vocals on "Permanent", a song that is painful, in a good way.

As It Must Be
As It Must Be

Produced by Stephan Altman "As It Must Be" was warmly received by independent press and non-comm radio radio.

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...with its roots above and its branches below
...with its roots above and its branches below

Joey Ryan's 2007 full length LP, produced by Steph Altman at Mophonics LA, led to a slew of syncs in the US and UK. The version released in the UK contains bonus tracks not featured on the As It Must Be EP.

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