mophonics makes music.
we write it, record it, find it,
we think of new ways of using it,
then we sell it. boom.

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| November 2016
A Place To Be Original

Mophonics Opens Playa Studios

| September 2016

Mophonics unveils new 12,000 square foot multi-purpose space Playa Studios. The new home of Mophonics in LA, with beautiful new recording studios designed by famed LA acoustic engineer Jay Kaufman, Playa Studios is a fertile ground for creative happenings in the booming nexus of creativity and tech, in Playa Vista /…


| July 2016

Our friends at DDB New York asked us to write a funny song about “how life would be better if everyone wore Cotton instead of those non-breathable, sweat-inducing, synthetic ‘fabrics’ that shall remain nameless”.  Mopho CD Steph Altman stepped up and wrote that song, and the world is better for…


| March 2016

When we first heard from Portland artists House Special about a German Expressionist stop-motion film they were making, we jumped at the chance to help. Then we heard there was torture, bondage and S&M involved and jumped even higher. We present to you the film “Jailbreak” directed by Aaron Sorenson. Original…

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