mophonics makes music.
we write it, record it, find it,
we think of new ways of using it,
then we sell it. boom.

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Mophonics Opens Playa Studios

| September 2016

Mophonics unveils new 12,000 square foot multi-purpose space Playa Studios. The new home of Mophonics in LA, with beautiful new recording studios designed by famed LA acoustic engineer Jay Kaufman, Playa Studios is a fertile ground for creative happenings in the booming nexus of creativity and tech, in Playa Vista /…


| July 2016

Our friends at DDB New York asked us to write a funny song about “how life would be better if everyone wore Cotton instead of those non-breathable, sweat-inducing, synthetic ‘fabrics’ that shall remain nameless”.  Mopho CD Steph Altman stepped up and wrote that song, and the world is better for…


| March 2016

When we first heard from Portland artists House Special about a German Expressionist stop-motion film they were making, we jumped at the chance to help. Then we heard there was torture, bondage and S&M involved and jumped even higher. We present to you the film “Jailbreak” directed by Aaron Sorenson. Original…


| February 2016

Our chums at Anomaly NY asked us to provide a lush music + sound backdrop for their 7-spot manifesto campaign for Squarespace. Rather than foleying everything in post, we captured the actual production sound and wove that into the overall sonic tapestry. We brought our sound recordist to all six…

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